Sudbury & Muskoka Ontario




Here at Riley Lake Productions, we live and breathe production. From writing to producing, shooting to editing, we have experience in virtually all aspects of film, television and video production. Since our inception in 1997, we have produced over 100 hours of broadcast television, countless corporate, industrial, music videos and web based marketing and promotional videos.

We offer turn key production services helping develop a project from concept to completion. We also have the ability to assist existing production teams with various parts of the production process from writing to location scouting, cinematography to post production.

We have worked with clients from around the globe and our goal has always been to exceed creative expectations while customizing each production to accommodate our clients way of doing business. Our flexibility provides the most capable people for the job and facilitates both a free flow of ideas and an effective use of project resources. Our creative process evolves to fulfill project objectives from concept to completion.


“I spent all of my lifelong summers at our family cottage on a small lake in northern Ontario Canada called Riley Lake. The lake was and still is filled with some amazing people who all share a similar passion for the great outdoors. With the help of these friends, their boats and a video camera, we would spend countless hours documenting our cottage fun. Every fall we would edit this footage to whatever music was hip at the time, and then watch it throughout the winter months to keep us energized for the following summer. 

    The company was named after the lake because we still employ the same free flow of ideas in all of our work. Breaking the rules and thinking outside the parameters of conventional production. Thanks Riley Lake, its very generous cottagers, grandma and grandpa for helping to make me who I am… and subsequently, who we are.”

Jake Thomas 

Founder, Riley Lake Productions Inc.

video production
On location shooting the Lunch at Allens “Perfect World” music video.