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Commercial Production

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Commercial Production – Ford Roadskide Attractions

Commercial production and advertising still remains as one of the most persuasive mediums for delivering information to the masses. From product marketing to brand integration, Riley Lake Productions has been involved in countless commercial projects for both traditional television broadcasting as well as online and viral marketing initiatives. There are numerous ways to approach commercial advertising depending on a company’s investment level and marketing strategy. Have a product or service you would like to take to market but are unsure how to do so or if you can afford it? Our creative team can build a campaign to work with just about any budget. Contact us today!

The following is an example of a 2 minute brand integration project we produced for Ford Canada. The intent was to promote the features of the new Ford Escape seamlessly through lifestyle adventures in some of Canada’s best roadside attractions. This campaign was nominated for a brand integration award.

Here is an example of a traditional 30 second television commercial we produced for Outset Media to promote the launch of their new board game called Canadian Trivia. We provided the content creative, casting, location, production and post production services for this commercial.