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Riley Lake Productions is a film, television, drone and video production company based in Northern Ontario Canada. We service all of Northern and Southern Ontario. Since our inception in 1997, we have produced just about everything under the sun. Over 100 hours of broadcast television, commercials, music videos, corporate & industrial videos, documentaries and feature films. Our goal has always been to create dynamic, compelling material. We strive to inject life into every project. Our flexibility provides the most capable people for the job. This process facilitates both a free flow of ideas and an effective use of project resources. Our creative process evolves to fulfill project objectives from concept to completion.

Riley Lake Productions is a full service Television Film Video production company. We have the equipment and resources to see your project through from from start to finish. We are also capable of working along side an existing production any step along the way. 

Below are some examples of some of our more recent projects. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

Ready to take your concept to camera? Is your project shot and needing to be edited? Have a difficult shot you are trying to acquire that requires out of the box thinking? Contact us today!